North Carolina Now: Patriot Rovers

UNC-TC: North Carolina Now features Patriot Rovers. Show highlights Patriot Rovers and their work training service dogs that help veterans with PTSD.

I dare ya Ducouer with Carolina Patriot Rovers

WXII Nicole Ducouer trains on the ground and in the water with Patriot Rover dogs. Patriot Rovers help veterans deal with post traumatic stress and brain injuries. As Nicole learned, the dogs are amazing!

Patriot Rovers Honors Soldiers Who Die Serving Our Country

The Pentagon Channel: Patriot Rovers honors Soldiers who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice by helping their wounded comrades cope with the unseen scars of PTSD.

Patriot Rovers Aids Veterans Battling PTSD

Pentagon Channel: Patriot Rovers offers service dogs to help veterans deal with PTSD.

A Mission of Healing: Patriot Rovers – Training Dogs, Serving Soldiers, Honoring Heroes

This is a musical tribute to the heroes that our Patriot Rovers dogs are named for and the soldiers with PTSD whose lives are changed by their service dogs.

The Boston Globe: Healing a Veteran, Honoring the Fallen

Patriot Rovers- Natasha & Joshua Feature story by The Boston Globe on veteran Natasha Young and her service dog Joshua.  Hear from veteran Natasha Young about coming back from combat with PTSD and other injuries.  Also, how her service dog has changed her life and what it was like to meet the family of the […]

Purple Heart Recipient Receives Service Dog Daisy Duke

Watch as Veteran Cpl Justin Masterson Purple Heart OIF receives Patriot Rover Daisy and shares what it is like having a service dog to help with PTSD.  Watch the Video.

WFMY News 2: A Hero’s Story (Featuring Patriot Rover Fleet)

Thank you WFMY News 2 Leigh Brock for supporting our healing mission.  A feature on the Patriot Rovers organization featuring Fleet.  Watch the Video.

The Boston Globe: Service Dog Helps Veteran and Gold Star Family Heal

Dr. Sam and Evelyn Harris take Natasha Young-Alicea and her service dog, Josh, to a memorial they have created for their son, Joshua, a Navy SEAL who died in Afghanistan. The service dog is named in honor of Josh. Natasha was invited to the Harris home to learn more about her dog’s namesake. Patriot Rovers, […]

Honoring Heroes with Service Dogs

Patriot Rovers is honoring soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice by helping their wounded comrades cope with the anguish of war.  The Patriot Rovers provide service dogs – named after fallen soldiers – to veterans with PTSD. During a recent bike rally held to raise money for the group, Todd and Virginia O’Leary, of […]