Apply for a Rover

Who is eligible to enroll?

We only accept United States military veterans who have incurred Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with/without Traumatic Brain Injury.  We accept veterans regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, military branch, income, or disability rating (which you are not required to provide).  All individuals requesting enrollment into the program will go through a brief evaluation prior to being accepted into the program.

How do I enroll?

First, you must submit the following information to Patriot Rovers:

1. Completed Application CLICK HERE>>    Veterans_Application-4

2. Both medical and personal references. You will need to forward your medical history and records release form to each of your medical and/or psychiatric practitioners to request and obtain copies of records relevant to your disability.

You must also participate in assessments from medical practitioners as necessary. To access the medical history and records release form please,

CLICK HERE>>> Patriot-Rovers-Medical-History-and-Release-of-Medical-Information1(2)

3. DD Form 214 (long version)

NOTE:  At this time we have been obligated to create a waiting list for the program due to the high volume of requests.